Colinas de Cabreúva Chalés e Pousada
Rodovia Vereador José de Moraes, km 05
Cabreúva, São Paulo, 13315-000, Brazil
11 4528-1545 / 4528-1558
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Colinas de Cabreúva

The Colinas is located just 900 meters from the city of Cabreúva. Owner of an almost savage beauty, preserving forests and woodlands and is one of the rare areas that are EPA (Environmental Protection Area) and APP (Environmental Protection Area), with indirect creek that is a tributary of the Tietê River. With one of the most pleasant climates and temperatures of the state of São Paulo, has clean air, and offers its guest, tranquility, peace, relaxation and safely away from major centers

Caminho do Sol

  • Caminho do sol

Since 2002, with the first group at the Caminho do Sol , Hills has hosted more than 15,000 people, pilgrims, coming from all Brazilian states, but also abroad, traveling its 240 km in eleven days walk.
Preparatory road to Santiago de Compostela (Spain), seeking its origins touch with himself or with nature, be closer to the simple things of day-to-day introspection, healthy living, are some of the reasons why so many hikers go these wonderful trails of self knowledge and leisure.

  • Caminho do sol grupo caminhando
  • Caminho do sol grupo